The expertise

We have the experience that others would like to have 

We make your life easier. Specializing in mass litigation suits, our CLASSREACTION teams have what it takes: our attorneys offer legal expertise and litigation experience, while our legal engineers and project managers provide technical operations knowhow.    

We know how vulnerable companies can be, when they are in defensive mode. So we do not lose any valuable time. We start right away and provide impactful support by analysing neuralgic spots, and designing an effective counter-strategy to fend off the attack. Our legal technology gives us a leading edge, because it is part of our DNA. Rather than start in the analogue world to capture results electronically afterwards, our digital workflow maps work activities right from scratch. That makes us fast and extraordinarily precise. Our clear focus, structured approach, and high degree of confidentiality are designed to serve the reputation management of our clients. Every day. 

CLASSREACTION combines the expertise of two heavy weights in their trade: Deloitte Legal and Frommer Legal. Both law firms boast comprehensive mass litigation experience. We know that in mass litigation suits, trial & error approaches are out of the question, because they waste time and money. That is why the first step in fending off a mass litigation attack ought to be a smart decision. For CLASSREACTION.