The technology

Because you deserve a sophisticated solution

Mass processes require strength. That's as true for expertise as it is for technology. We rely on a legal tech solution designed specifically for mass litigation: JUNE. And with good reason. Firstly, because it is mature and has already proven itself in numerous large-scale legal projects. Secondly, because it maps the entire processing procedure. Each individual process or the project as a whole - everything is available at the touch of a button and in real time. Our clients benefit from maximum transparency.

Thanks to JUNE, isolated legal solutions or complex application links are a thing of the past. The entire workflow is available completely digitally on one platform. And all tasks are integrated: from data entry to file management to deadline management. Digital, fast, secure. 

The interfaces comply with current standards. Third-party software can be connected without any problems. JUNE is a cloud-based solution and can therefore be used on all Internet-enabled devices. Our clients appreciate that, too.