The transparency

Clarity requires a clear view

Clients need clarity. We offer it, right from scratch. Thanks to our JUNE legal-tech solution, clients are an integral part of the casework. We can integrate them seamlessly, just like our own solicitors. That’s standard practice at CLASSREACTION.

At any given moment, our clients have a full overview of all activities. Accessing your own JUNE dashboard, you can check every single file at the push of a button. All written communication can be viewed; all types of reporting are available immediately. As a result, you will always know exactly where you stand in your litigation.

For us this is an integral part of our service. For our clients this provides the transparency they desire. Standard legal software fails to offer this degree of integration – even more so, when a great number of legal sub firms are involved in the case.  

 Offering this clarity, our modular JUNE system generates more than transparency: it builds trust.